Cannabis Flower Testing

Cannabis Flower Testing

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Cannabis Flower Testing

Producers are the very heart of the recreational cannabis Market. Cannabis is either consumed directly or extracted for a variety of applications. Are you curious if the bud you got off the top shelf is 36% THC? We are too! Consumers can bring their Cannabis in and get a potency test for a discounted rate. We have numerous options available, including compliance cannabis flower testing.

State laws change yearly, but our service does not. Our Laboratory team works hard to stay ahead of any testing changes. Our team is constantly expanding our testing options.

Are you located outside of central Oregon? That is not a problem for our sampling team. We sample around your schedule without impacting your company operations. Our team is experienced and knowledgable in all products. Schedule your sampling event through the Confident Cannabis website or on our homepage.

Common Questions:

Q: What is the sampling size that your laboratory takes?

A: We closely adhere to the guidance published by the state of Oregon. Please see the OLCC Sampling and Testing Metrc Guide.

Q: How do I schedule a sampling event?

A: We can be found on Confident Cannabis, or you can use the form on this site’s homepage.

Q: Are you guys accredited for the state compliance testing?

A: Juniper Analytics is accredited by ORELAP and licensed by OLCC.

Flower Full Compliance Bundle

  • Cannabinoid Potency
  • Mycotoxins
  • Pesticides
  • Water Activity and Moisture Content