Terpene Profile Testing

Terpene Profile Testing

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Terpenes are aromatic and flavorful molecules that impart distinct qualities on cannabis (and other plants and plant-derived products). Consumers love to view cannabis terpene profiles because they help inform them about the quality, flavor, and effects of the cannabis product. You can help distinguish your cannabis products by getting terpenes tested. At Juniper Analytics, we offer cannabis terpene testing that is fast and affordable. We screen for 40 unique terpenes that will help your cannabis product stand out to consumers.

Juniper Analytics Terpene Testing Highlights

  • Differentiate Your Product &┬áIncrease Market Value
  • Not Limited to Cannabis

Common Cannabis Terpenes

Cannabis terpene profile testing informs consumers about the flavor, aroma, and effects they can anticipate when they use a product. Consumer and connoisseurs are becoming more educated and look to terpene profiles to gain insight. This is part of why getting terpene testing done truly adds value and differentiates your product. Cannabis that has a high overall terpene content is a mark of quality that shows how much hard work you have put into producing it. Just like in wine, good soil and plant care creates rich terpene profiles!

Alpha-Bisabolol: Floral aroma, also found in chamomile

Caryophyllene: Spicy and peppery aroma also found in cinnamon and cloves; Thought to bind to CB2 cannabinoid receptor

Eucalyptol: Minty and herbal aroma such as in eucalyptus trees

Humulene: Earthy, woody, and spicy aroma also found in hops & sage

Limonene: Citrus aroma found in citrus fruits and cannabis; Thought to help relieve stress & elevate mood, said to have an energizing effect

Linalool: Spicy and floral aroma, also found in lavender; Thought to have sedative and relaxing effects

Myrcene: Earthy and musky aroma that can also smell fruity, also found in hops & lemongrass; Common to see around 0.5% in sedative cannabis varieties

Pinene (Alpha & Beta): Pine and forest aroma common to pine trees; Said to have energizing effects

Trans-Nerolidol: Has an aroma that is like a combination of woody, rose, and citrus; Also found in jasmine flowers

Terpineol: Aroma of flowers and fruit with a bit of citrus

Get Your Terpene Profile Test Results

You’ll be able to view your product’s terpene profile in Confident Cannabis where we post all of our results. When you go to view them, you’ll see a chart like below that tells you which terpenes, how much of each, and what flavors are likely to come from that terpene profile.